I am Juan Real and
I love building products
surrounded by
talented people.

I’m a Lead UX Designer
from Malaga (Spain)
living in London

Currently working at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu as a Lead UX Designer for snapcraft.io.

Formerly part of ROLI an innovative music technology and music making startup, ustwo leading product teams as Senior Interaction Designer / Product Lead. UX Designer at WPP’s POSSIBLE and with experience as front-end web developer.

What I thrive is to solve user problems with other passionate people.




RoomGen for Android

A product to help booking meeting rooms in large organisations


Some friends working at King.com, realised booking rooms for meetings was a hustle in their organisation. Of all rooms booked at King, 60% were empty and they wanted to change this behaviour by giving more control over meeting rooms to employees.

To solve this problem, we build a mobile app using Cordova & Ionic. I designed and build the mobile app with help from a back-end developer to integrate to their infrastructure.

BlackApp for PS

A photoshop plug-in to emulate
various black and white films


My friend Alvaro Arregui build BlackApp for Windows Phone & iOS.BlackApp brings classic black and white films to your mobile photography.

We always discussed Photoshop as the ideal platform for his proposition. After working on the Tesco Hudl2, I decided to port the app as a Photoshop plug-in. You can give it a try and send me your feedback.


A menu bar OSX app to know
when ustwo’s toilets are free.


In ustwo, you can always be aware when the toilets of the first floor are busy or not. An Arduino connected to Phillips Hue bulbs do all the magic.

One day I find out some areas of the first floor where you couldn’t see if the toilets were empty or not. To fix this, I decided to build a menu bar app for my laptop so that anyone can see if the toilets were empty.

In a few days, I learnt the basics of programming Mac OSX applications and built this small but very helpful app. We connected the App to a Python script, to collect data usage (anonymised). That way we could foresee the busiest times and predict the best times to go during the day.

Android Wear templates

Android Wear templates
for Sketch


When Google released Android Wear, they also released Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop source files, so designers could learn and create apps for this platform. As a Sketch aficionado, I decided to re-create the files and made them available for everyone in Sketch.

You can find these templates in Sketch App Sources, one of the most visited websites by UI designers for Sketch resources.

UI Interfaces

Some iconic hardware
recreated using Sketch


Hardware interface design always fascinated me and when I started doing UI design, I recreated some of my favourite hardware interfaces using Fireworks & Sketch.

There was only one rule for this challenge: I should have owned that product.