Explore EOS

Android & iOS iPad app for Canon Europe

In 2013, Canon Europe engaged with POSSIBLE to work on a tablet iOS & Android app for photography beginners. The product will explain basics of photography and the history of Canon EOS range. Explore EOS also helped to promote Canon ambassadors. Also, it was the first mobile app for Canon.


Worked as UI/UX Designer on the project and some of my responsibilities were:

  • Persona creation and development


  • User experience and Interface design


  • Facilitation of sketching sessions with the team


  • Contributed to creation of user stories


  • User research: surveys, user interviews and usability testing


We used Photoshop & Adobe In-design for UI design, Skala to preview designs and Axure for prototyping.


1x UI/UX Designer
2x Visual Designers

1x Front-end developer
1x Copywriter

1x Account manager
1x Project Manager

1x Product owner


We needed to understand the market and frame the product proposition. We performed a competitor analysis and created personas.

We reached out potential users to understand their needs, challenges and pain points. Some of the learnings:

  • Potential users are willing to learn photography concepts via interactive means


  • Mid-level are willing to learn how to shoot certain genres: street, food, personas…


  • Mid-level users would like to know the equipment used by professionals

With these learnings we created a high-level IA that shaped the structure for the app and we created a living document for the copy as the overall ambition was to create an interactive magazine-style experience.

Once we knew the content we needed to display, we did some concepting to help us explain some of the photography concepts in a more interactive way.

During the delivery the front-end developer, visual designer and myself worked closely using Adobe DPS as the platform to build the end product. To enhance the experience we customised some of the interactions and this distinguished the product from out-of-the-box functionality from Adobe DPS.

The product took 6 weeks in total to deliver and got released 2 years ago but unfortunately can’t be found on the UK app stores.


Don’t believe the hype

We all know that everyone is aware of the latest trends and methodologies to use on this industry. In methodologies like Agile or Scrum is quite easy to find out that is hard to find two different project teams that implement them in the same way. This is the reason why is a good practice to revisit the concepts you will be working with and make sure that everyone is on the same page around those.

How useful is working with a living document

Working closely with a great copywriter helps to understand how important it is to work the copy from very early on. We created a living document that we shared across the team that guided the delivery of the whole product. This living document was sent during early stages of the project to legal and compliance teams to make sure that we avoided last minute surprises.

Better. Together

We couldn’t benefit of a full team at all times but we noticed that the quality of our work increased significantly when we were full-house. We used this assumption we had to build a case to make sure that during the last weeks of the project everyone had as much time as possible. This way we were sure that we were going to deliver with the highest quality we could possible do.


I always been lucky enough to work with Agile methodologies since 2008. Not all of the members of the team (including the client) were familiar with those concepts. To help with this I worked closely with the Project manager to add gradually more and more Agile & Scrum techniques as we progressed throughout the project. This informed in the delivery of future projects as well as sharpened my stakeholder management and facilitation skills.